Here is the preliminary schedule for this year’s convention! A printable pdf file will be available soon, and a copy will be handed out at the convention to each participant. Updates will conducted as soon as more information becomes available. More information concerning the trainers are also available:


Mandatory workshops for everyone. 17:30-18:30


Workshop on both spotting and flying securely with a spotting harness with Raphael Beretti. Not having eaten recently is recommended.


Mandatory workhsop with Tony Friede in hands-on spotting techniques: how to spot, how to communicate, when to touch stunts, how to bring flyers safely and softly to the ground so they will want to fly again.

Friday, bonus workshops! 20:30-21:30

“Tosses & walk-ups”

Learn how to get up to foot in hand cheerleading style with Tony Friede. Two main techniques will be taught: tossing up to foot in hand, and walking (pitching) up to foot in hand.

Prerequisite skills:

Solid foot in hand required for both flyer and base. Bases will need to be strong enough to pitch above shoulder height.

"Parkour for Acrobats”

With Scott Mcquade. No prerequisite skills.

“WS prereqs and drills”

Come and work on prereqs and drills with Emil & Hanna to be able to join the workshops you want during the convention.

“Tempo & dynamics”

With Jakob Andrén.


Saturday - 10:00-11:45

“Foundations of Staffette”

Join trainer Raphael Beretti in a workshop about the foundations of staffette.

Prerequisite skills:

Standing two-high needed, foot to hand recommended.


Learn how to get to hand to hand via podcecka or inlocate with Scott & Michaela.

Prerequisite skills:

Hand to hand - five seconds.

“Intro to Icarian”

With Corinne Linder

Prerequisite skills:



Come and learn the Cannonball entry into hand to hand with Verena Pietzner & Torsten Schmutzler. We will do a few exercises that will help you get it.

Prerequisite skills:

Hand to hand - ten seconds. Some experience with dynamic Acro may be helpful.

“Handstand Advanced”

With Pelle Tillö.

Prerequisite skills:


Saturday - 14:00-15:45


With Analogue Acrobatics.

Prerequisite skills:

Solid two-high. Confident spotter, we work without longe.

"Pitch half turn and one foot one hand"

With Axel & Sara. Access to longe.

Prerequisite skills:

Standing foot to hand with and without longe.

“Temple spins”

With Henrik & Sofia

Prerequisite skills:

Transition from any side star to mono backbird without hand - hand contact.

“Hand to hand variations”

With HC & Anton.

Prerequisite skills:

Hand to hand - five seconds, flyer: cartwheel

“Gymnastics for Acrobats 1”

With Louise & Christian.

Prerequisite skills:

Front & back roll.

Saturday - 16:00-17:45

"Easy and difficult variations of foot to hand"

With Wybren & Trudi.

Prerequisite skills:

Stepping up to foot to hand on a L-base without using your hands.

"TBA - Terrebly Bad ass Acro"

Dynamic acrobatics in the lunge with Tom & Ayla.

Prerequisite skills:

Controlled tempos in hand to hand in foot to hand.

"Icarian games"

In this workshop with Paul Griffioen we will be building up from basic icarian skills up to more advanced tricks.

Prerequisite skills:

Tempo from sitting on feet to standing on feet without the spotter touching the flyer (base and flyer are facing each other).

"Starting with one arm and knot H2Hs"

With Tiko and Lotte.

Prerequisite skills:

Being able to do a hand to hand for ten seconds.

“Entries to reverse hand to hand”

With Bart Venne.

Prerequisite skills:

Foot to hand L-base.


Sunday - 09:10-10:55

“Intro to hand to hand”

With Ola Glimåker.

Prerequisite skills:

Standing two-high.

"Partner acro/hand in hand"

This workshop with Kaaos Kaamos will cover different kinds of drops such as kamikaze, back drops and basic staff / pitch and padzechka. Therefore we will do a lot of work on tempo where the flyer jumps and the base throws. This in both foot-in-hand and two-man high. From this we can start jumping between bases, more dynamic tricks can begin to form such as base to base cascade. We will finish the workshop with more static tricks such as three man high, stand on the head of the base, one-arm training and one-foot training.

Prerequisite skills:

Stable two men high and hand in hand. Experience in tempo training, pitch and working in a group. Working in a group is a plus, not a requirement. For example, in trio, quartet or more, we will not only work in duos. If you have not worked in a group before, you will do this here.

"Drops and catches"

In this workshop with Paul Griffioen we will do acrobatic figures with falling and catching the flyer. Some of them integrated in a sequence of tricks.

Prerequisite skills:

Stable hand to hand in standing position for 5 seconds without walking and spotters.

“Trio tricks”

Trio tricks with Mira, Torsten & Philipp. You will have a longe available.

Prerequisite skills:

Hand to hand - five seconds.

“Over head stunts cheer style”

All techniques will be in extended foot in hand positions: Extended two feet in two hands (apart), two feet (together) in one hand, one foot in two hands (both hands on same foot), and one foot in one hand. Workshop is held by Tony & Sofia.

Prerequisite skills:

Very stable foot in hand required for flyers, it doesn't matter how you get there. Core strength required for bases.

Sunday - 11:10-12:55

"Partner acro/hand in hand"

This workshop with Kaaos Kaamos will cover some thorough techniques where we will look at the lines and shape to begin with. It will start with the base lying down, with the flyer in their hands so we can check the technique before we go to more advanced things. As in the advanced workshop, we will go through the two basic pitches and a few different basics and tricks within the duo acro to get there to pitch from base to base and pitch cascade from base to base.

Prerequisite skills:

Stable two man high and good basics where the base is laying down (push-ups, one foot, hand in hand, standing up to sitting position, etc). Hand in hand, experience in pitch and working in a group is a plus.

"Preperation for corbette and cascade"

Preperation and drills for dynamic duo acrobatics with Wybren & Trudi.

Prerequisite skills:

Being able to walk in hand to hand in a square, around the mat.

"One arm variations"

Ways into 1 arms and knot handstand.

Prerequisite skills:

Capability for the flyer to open and close your legs controlled in a hand to hand.

“Banquine advanced”

Dion and Tiko will be teaching you some of their super powers, to not only make those flyers fly just a bit higher, but also to make sure you might catch some when they'll be coming down. You will have access to a longe.

Prerequisite skills:


“Gymnastics for Acrobats 2”

With Anton Lind.

Prerequisite skills:

Cartwheel, high front roll.

Sunday - 14:40-16:25

“Two bases, one flyer”

With Niklas, Emma & Sanna.

Prerequisite skills:

Solid two-high, throne on two standing bases with straight arms, bridge on floor for flyers.

“Standing flows ”

With Bart Venne.

Prerequisite skills:

High side star and standing hand to hand.

“Washing machines/TBA”

With Judith & Leander.

Prerequisite skills:


“High level dynamics”

With Ola Glimåker. Access to longe.

Prerequisite skills:


Sunday - from 16:25

No workshop

Time to pack up and clean!