We are happy and proud to be able to present a bunch of amazing trainers that will attend Swedish Acrobatics Convention 2017. We hope it will be a challenge to chose which workshops to attend...

Michaela & Scott


Micheala likes to be lifted and thrown about, Scott likes to lift and throw things, together they make an excitable talented couple, capable of many things. They started out with parkour and cheerleading but these days acro has taken over. Their joy of practising, teaching and meeting new friends means that acrobalance is fast becoming their lives. Eight years on and they are now teaching around the world and at home as much as possible with an aim of developing the local hobbyist scenes in the UK and making friends around the globe. Their reputation is growing and their local scene is blossoming, Scott and Michaela are not to be missed.


Louise & Christian


Louise has been up in the air since she was a child. First as a diver, then as a team gymnast, and since a few years as a partner acrobat. She has also been a gymnastics coach.

Christian fell in true love with gymnastics (and its leos) as an adult. He also practices partner acrobatics, Lindy-Hop, and slack-line.



With acrobats for parents Bart has done acrobatics for as long as he can remember. He began training under professional acrobatics trainers when he was 16. He holds regular acrobatic classes in his home town, teaches at acrobatics festivals, and gives workshops across Europe, the US and Rusia.

He also organizes acrobatics conventions. He studied a Masters in Molecular Life Sciences and worked in a hospital, but his heart was always with acrobatics. His teaching ethos is that everyone should have fun. He finds it equally important to recognize what works in a trick, as well pointing out what could use a little ‘improvement’.


Corinne Linder


Corinne Linder is a contemporary circus artist based in south of France. Starting circus at an age of seven, she has continued her circus journey until today. Since starting at such a young age she has reached a good level in handstand, Icarian games (foot juggling with people), floor acrobatics, teeterboard, silks and vertical rope.

She continued her professional circus training in a French circus school Le Lido. The school is concentrated on one discipline, in her case silks. Which is her signature discipline. She is also a verified Pilate’s instructor and uses this in her teaching to prevent injuries due to wrong movement patterns.

As a performer she has been working for several companies as well as whit her own solo number. Few to mention; The biggest Christmas cabaret show in Finland (2014), for Cirko Aero (2015),  circus festivals in France like Avignon and Circa in Auch (2014 and 2015 and 2016). She is currently working in France on her own projects connecting circus and other art forms. She has been teaching Silks and Icarian games internationally. The most recent ones; CNAC (national school of circus art in France, Aerial arts (NYC) and Circus Helsinki (Finland)).

Tony & Sofia


Tony and Sofia are two of our Stockholm acrobats also doing cheerleading, mostly patner stunt which is the kind of cheerleading where there is only one base and one flyer.

Tony is originally from Kansas City and has been doing cheerleading for over 20 years. Among other things he came third place in the American national championships 1994, was a reserve on the American national championship team 1995 and was a team member on Team Sweden both 2014 and 2016.

Sofia is a professional sailor who rediscovered her love for acrobatics after years at sea where balance isn't just a virtue but a necessity. Sofia started doing partner stunt two years ago.



Hanna & Emil


Hanna and Emil met in the park one day and have been inseparable ever since. At any time, at least one of them is likely to be upside down.

Tom & Ayla


Tom and Ayla started working together in Ayla’s last months at the Academy for Circus and Performance Art, Fontys, Tilburg. After graduating they moved to Munich and took time to develop their partnership.

In the winter of 2013/2014 they made their first tour with the “Traumfabrik” in Bavaria. Spring 2014 they continued their work in Amsterdam at the Studio of Tent Circustheater producties. Ever since they are performing several acts and taking part in shows.


Anton & HC


Anton & HC Has together 35 years of experience from pair-acrobatics and gymnastics. They have trained pair-acrobatics together since 2006 and now they feel ready to start teaching others in their own area of expertise, "Hand 2 Hand".

Anton: After having asked his mother (at the age of 5), why in football, all the players chased the same ball and furthermore why they couldn't have one each, she decided put him in gymnastics. Since then, a long lasting love for gymnastics and later pair acrobatics, was formed. Anton has been a coach for several years in gymnastics and has competed successfully for multiple teams.

HC: Has his roots in a bit of locking and dance. When studying abroad in Germany HC took both trampoline and acro courses. At home in Stockholm, he continued that path and soon he was competing in gymnastics, and at the same time he started to teach in pair-acrobatics.




Ola toured Europe for five years with his partner as Duo OlaMari performing among other places at the Young Talent Night at Atlas Festival and Brocante Festival in Italy and was a house acrobat for Ciruswerkplaats Boost. His education he has received at Codarts Circus Arts and at the Circus School of Kiev. He started teaching at 16 in gymnastics and have been teaching hand to hand since 2002. Recently he has been teaching hand to hand, trampoline and tumbling at Codarts.


Judith & Leander


Judith and Leander both share a love for acro. They met while playing acro in the park and became acro partners shortly after. They specialize in flowy washing machines.  Leander has a strong background in Ashtanga yoga. He's been a yoga practitioner for over ten years. He spent several months in India for his practice, and studied with a variety of teachers. He's also a certified Shiatsu masseur.  Judith has a background in classical ballet. She has been a yoga teacher since 2012, and did trainings around the world in Vinyasa, Anusara, Prana Flow and Yoga Therapy. She's also a certified Thai Masseur, Nuad Bo Rarn style.


Torsten, Philipp & Mira


Torsten, Philipp and Mira are part of a group of friends training together in Berlin.

Torsten started with acrobatics more than 10 years ago, and the others joined somewhat later. As part of a show preparation for Miras brothers wedding they started playing around with trio tricks, and some of these tricks they will happily teach at the convention. It will also be a nice goodbye for the trio, since Mira is moving to Munich.


Sofia & Henrik


Henrik and Sofia have been training partner acrobatics together for many years, all over the world. Their main focus is L-basing flows and Icarian games. They have a fondness for intricate washing machines, and the tricky the better. Lately the they have been experimenting with creating flows which don’t require the bases hands.




Jakob comes from a background in sailing and all round physical training. In recent years his interest for Cirkus and especially partner acrobatics has really increased mainly thanks to acrobatic conventions.
Currently he is studying Cirkus towards partner acrobatics at AFUK in Copenhagen.




 I'm one of the circus teacher for Cirkus Cirkör high school program since 2008 where i teach floor acrobatik, partner acrobatic and handstand. I teach also partner acrobatik for adults with SSIF since 2009. There was a time when I was passioned about juggling… flying object in the sky… In 2004 I went to the circus shool of Barcelona and discover that the body has more juggeling possibilities and I got hooked on acrobatics. Since then I try to understand and dissect all the movements I see. My interes for pedagogy began at the same time as I got four balls in the air and give workshop in different circusdisciplins since then. I always try to get a deeper understanding of why movement works or not, well it's my passion, the passion of movement!

Come and play at my workshop....


Hannah & Marcus


Hannah and Marcus, with backgrounds in gymnastics and juggling respectively, were first united at the Mexican Circus Convention in 2008.

They have since participated in conventions throughout the world and received advice from many great acrobats and coaches.

They currently head the circus club “Tusen Konster och en Boll” in Uppsala, Sweden and in their free time hold courses in acrobatics and handstands.

Anouck, Johan & Perry

Kaaos Kaamos

These leaders come from the circus company Kaaos Kaamos which is a partner-acrobatic specialized company. They have been on tour this summer with their show “Babel, Glöm”, this show has been in creation since the summer of 2016. And last year they even performed the work in progress piece at the Swedish acro convention. Since then they have performed at festivals all around Europe and will now go back to Stockholm to perform at Subcase by Subtopia.

This year, 3 of them are back to give a couple of workshops in hand-to- hand, partner acrobatics, banquin, etc. They like to make games out of these disciplines, which kind of just tends to evolve during their warm-ups or when they get bored and restless. A lot of the games has now become excersizes that involves technique, spotting, trust in your partner to catch you and trust in yourself to fall. This they combine with advanced technique and creative ways to use your vocabulary of tricks.


Dion & Tiko


Dion Skovgard is A Danish half God who one day found out how much fun it is to throw around other people. Since that day he just can't stop anymore and wherever he goes you can see people flying through the air. For this convention he teams up with Tiko Venne, a long time friend and colleague in the business of throwing people around.


Wybren & Trudi


Wybren is a circus teacher Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam, with a long experience within acrobatics, both the circus and the sport kind.

Meet him and his flyer Trudi in Stockholm in November.

  Paul Griffioen


Paul has practiced acrobatics since 1986 and has studied with the Como Brothers and  the Osmani’s. Both are key historical figures in the circus world and have performed all over the world. For the past 25 years Paul has run acrobatic courses in Rotterdam, Holland and since about 20 years he is more and more teaching on acrobatic festivals and private workshops throughout Europe and beyond. Except of that he performed in a lot of countries with several circus shows like I Bombetti, Megaman and Memo, De Sardini's and Duo Ravioli.

He specialized himself in Icarian games, hand to hand tricks and throwing elements like cascades and courbets. Because for him body-control, feeling the balance and getting the right timing in tempo's are three main elements in partner acrobatics, he is often focusing on this in his workshops. He prefers a good technical way in doing acrobatics above the use of a lot of power.  But even more important is that everybody has a lot of fun in his workshops.


Verena & Torsten


Torsten has been training acrobatics for more then 10 years. Before he found his home in throwing flyers around, he was training for Unicycle Hockey World Championships, amoungst others.

Verena has always liked to fly. After a childhood in competitional sports like Figure Skating and Aerobic Gymnastics, she has found her passion in Acrobatics, which she has been doing for the last 6 years.

Together they are a talented couple that has been training, teaching and performing in Europe for the past 6 years.